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Headset Radio (HR) is a company helping artists and people of vision bring their passions to the web. How? We create custom websites, branding and advertising connections to identify, deploy and promote your content online. We also offer continued web support, audio editing and logo creation.

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The HR Network Partners

Listed here is groups that are part of the Headset Radio Network, who use our services to bring their own passion projects to lifeĀ 

Now I See is a gathering place for people to engage, educate and elevate by sharing eye-opening experiences through interviews, podcasts, blogs, artwork, teaching videos, music and more.

Our purpose at Chosen to Speak ministries is to help developing leaders overcome obstacles in public speaking to bring clarity and confidence to a chaotic world.

Dawn Rises is a place of connection. Where we hold space for each other as we tell tender, raw and difficult stories in a container of safety, respect, inclusivity and compassion.


Z2H is here to help build a better place for fans to share, learn, and teach about the fandom. A safe space for all fans to be who they are and build a community that respects themselves. Something that fans can be proud of.


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