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Headset Radio (HR) is a company helping artists and people of vision bring their passions to the web. How? We create custom websites, branding and advertising connections to identify, deploy and promote your content online. We also offer continued web support, audio editing and logo creation.

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Now I See is a gathering place for people to engage, educate and elevate by sharing eye-opening experiences through interviews, podcasts, blogs, artwork, teaching videos, music and more.

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  • by NIS
    Monica Gonzales has been the executive director of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie for two years, but her involvement with the center happened 21 years ago. That story is hers to tell, and we’re going to reveal it on this week’s episode of the Now I See podcast. […]
  • by NIS
    Author Dennis Conrad shares his love of history, coln-collecting and story-telling in his latest book, Two-Cent Piece, the first of the In God We Trust children’s book series. Dennis has published numerous titles, is a retired professor of speech communications, a certified teacher of English as a Foreign Language, a world traveler, a […]
Kit McCarty

Kit McCarty


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