Headset Radio

Headset Radio (HR) is a company helping artists and people of vision bring their passions to the web. How? We create custom websites, branding and advertising connections to identify, deploy and promote your content online. We also offer continued web support, audio editing and logo creation.

How can we help?



Do you have a idea but not sure how to get it out of the box? Have you been working your craft for awhile but feel like there is something missing? Do you want to know what could improve your online business life? A consolation might be ideal for you. Headset Radio is here to help you achieve your goals.

Small Organizations

For Small 1-5 people organizations that need help get from point A to point B and get your ideas moving in the right direction.

Administration Services by HR

Admin services are offered by HR for your digital needs. Ranging from just basic web administration to Facebook group admin, and even a full-on web administrator.

Web Administration
We handle your Web Administration needs, so you can work on creating content without having to worry about your site. 
Social Media Support

HR helps support your social media campaign.

Creation Services by HR

Headset Radio will create digital content. This includes your website, from top to bottom. Your own logo from our digital artist.

Website Creation and Design
Create a personally designed website for your content.

Podcasting Services by HR

All your podcasting editing needs. Ready, set and record. We handle all the technical behind making it sound good.

Podcast Ep Editing

HR edits  your podcast, priced for 30 min sections.
HR Preps your podcast for your RSS Feed with all the meta data needed. 

Odds and Ends Services by HR

Other services offered by HR.

Technical Support

Technical support, getting your hardware up and running. This is billed as a line item if you need help with your hardware.

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